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7 Outdoor Activities Spring-Time

Don't waste away your whole spring sitting inside.  Instead, get out there and soak up the beautiful weather with these fun activities. 

1. Ride a Bike - Hop on a bike, either solo, with a friend or the whole family;

2. Fly a kite - The spring winds are perfect for kite flying.  Find a park or open field and get ready to launch!  Just make sure you stay away from trees and power lines;

3. Go on a picnic - Pack up your meal and take it outside, either in your backyard or at a local park;

4. Play Frisbee - How long as it been since you played Frisbee?  Bonus points if your dog plays too;

5. Play miniature golf - it's a perfect date night or a day out with the whole family;

6. Plant a garden - Enjoy the garden all summer long;

7. Take an evening stroll - It's quiet, cool and the perfect time for an after-dinner stroll.



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