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Nutter Butter Turkey Cupcakes

Materials Icing Rainbow Chip Crunch Edible Eyes Nutter Butters Toothpicks Tools Serrated Knife Instructions Start by carefully cutting your Nutter Butters in half. Use a serrated knife with a rocking back and forth motion to minimize breakage. Don’t worry if the bottoms of your turkey heads are jagged, they will be covered with cupcake icing! Next, using icing, place your turkeys eyes and beak onto the Nutter Butter. Let dry. Using red icing, add your turkey’s snood! Once your turkeys are completely dry, gently slide a toothpick in between the cookie layers. If your toothpicks are too big, cut them in half! You are now ready to top your cupcakes! You can bake from scratch cupcakes, use a box mix, or even buy them at the store! Whatever you have time for!

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