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Best Tips to Decorate Your Christmas Tree!!

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Here's some tips for decorating your Christmas tree like an interior designer:


I'm not just talking abut making sure your tree doesn't toppleover, but rather balancing how you place the decorations on your tree.  One of the most common mistakes people make is to only focus on the front & sides of the tree that are visible to you and your guests.  Unfortunately, sticking all your favorite decorations in just a few areas draws your eye to even the smallest spaces that are lacking.  

What you want is to create a well-balanced tree that feels and looks uniform with the decorations.  Consider mixing the shapes, sizes and texture of your ornaments throughout the entire tree.  Start from the top of the tree and work your way down.

It's also important to consider what's around your tree.  Balancing your tree with woven baskets will help hide that ugly tree stand before you tuck away the wrapped presents beneath it.  A side chair or accent table will add a little more detail to the over all picture.  

Lastly, be certain to take a step back each time you add a few decorations since the best way to decorate the tree is to admire it while you work.  Look from different angels and this will help you pinpoint exactly what you need to add or take away.

Happy Decorating!! 

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