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National Ice Cream Sandwich Day - August 2nd

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National Ice Cream Sandwich Day encourages us to cool off with one of our favorite frozen treats.  The original ice cream sandwich sold for a penny in 1900 from a pushcart in the Bowery neighborhood of New York.  The ice cream sandwiched between milk biscuits became a hit.  Soon, pushcarts popped up around the city and country during the summer months selling the portable treats.   

Once the ice cream sandwich became popular, recipes for home cooks filled the papers. The sandwich layers included everything from angel food to sponge cake to shortbread cookies.  By 1940, grocers sold sandwiches made with cripsy wafers.  

How To Make Your Own Ice Cream Sandwich:

1 dozen chocolate chip cookies

6 scoops of any flavor ice cream

Place one scoop of ice cream in the middle of the cookie and top with another cookie.  Gently press down and smooth out edges.  Wrap in plastic wrap and freeze until ready to serve.


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