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Ice Castles Come to Lake George

Excitment was in the air for the arrival of Ice Castles for winter carnival in Lake George, NY.  Ice Castles brings a fun, frozen world to life.  Crawl through tunnels, ice slides, ice caverns, ice maze and fountains.  This is a one of a kind attraction , it takes a team of 2-40 ice artisans approximately 8 weeks to construct, harvest and placing between 5000-12000 icicles.  The various features are drenched with water and repeated until the ice reaches heights of about 15 to 30 feet.  LED lights are embedded inside the ice to illuminate the attraction at night.  The concept for Ice Castles was born from founder Brent Christensen, who aimed to build an ice cave for his daughter, that turned into an internationally renowned tourist attraction. 

Dates: January 22nd thorugh February 27, 2022.  

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